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meet Alex

Alex Krasnikov
Head of Back-end

Skills Expertise Superpowers

Strong people build strong systems as well as strong teams. For more than 7 years of back-end development, Alex has added a lot of successful releases to our “done list”. From Jira plugins, big moving companies CRM systems to medical ERP and SAAS systems; from a single developer to the head of the high-skilled development team.Thanks to Alex, this foundation allows us to face complex projects with confidence and achieve the desired results.

Skills / Expertise:
Docker, Nginx, PHP, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Laravel, DoctrIne, Eloquent, Elasticsearch, PHPUnit, DDD (domain driven design), CI/CD.
Makes the impossible possible

HIS Principles


Always looking for ways to improve the product.

Ability to see the whole picture.

Solving problems before they arise.

Positive thinking.

Always moving forward.

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We are born in Ukraine ukraine Support Ukraine NOW

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