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Karina Lapko
Head of design

Skills Expertise Superpowers

Design beyond expectations, high quality, attention to detail and maximum thoughtfulness are the characteristics that distinguish Karina's work and allow us to meet business challenges of our clients and provide users with a convenient and high-quality product.

From commercial landing pages to banking applications, Karina's list has a big number of completed projects and they all share the magic of her design.

Skills / Expertise:
UX research, Web & mobile UI design, Redesign, Interaction animation, Wireframes, Prototyping
Сan create miracles

HER Principles

No half measures.

Only integers in indents.

Design will save the world.

And interfaces.

Give me a pixel.

And I will create a whole world for you.

You have an idea - we can
make it real
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We are born in Ukraine ukraine Support Ukraine NOW

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